Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nasihat kalau nk tgk tron

jgn tgk 3d
that's the hard lesson that i gotta pay when i watch this movie
fuck u 3d effect
only like what
3 4 scene that is 3d?
and that cost me twice the price for 2d
ok now for the review of the movie
brought to you by ibc
"here at ibc,we only take the best from the rest"

hey,i'm ur movie critic,irfan "hardknocker"haziq
first of all,don't waste ur money on this movie
it is awesomely sucks
it's like u watching a modern day gladiator
only worse
sorry disney,but this ain't a good movie at all
the story isn't living up to my expectation
where's the gadget?
where's the awesome stuff?
coz all i see is the fast and the furious
only in high tec
the movie is lame
okok enough on the insults
now the good part
the lead guy
garret hedlund is really really handsome
and the actresses
need i say more about olivia wilde?
she looks awesome
but that's just it actually

gile sape ckp x lawa

the fight scene
it's like u watching a cheap action flick from the 70's
sorry to say
out of 5
it only receive 2
better luck next time tron
see u again next time on another movie which is not known yet

wise word from our movie critic
there u have it folks
it's up to u to believe him or not
but he's always right
okay saya akhiri post ini dgn serangkap pantun

pakcik kassim picit hon
sambil melihat movie 3d
kalau hendak tgk tron
jgnlah tgk yg 3d