Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kawan and prank calls

Today is kinda great for me
it is not at all way i think it will be
so i would like to thanks my friend who give me advice at ym

I went out today
but to accompany my friend go on a date
at first,i don't want to
but then coz i owed him on something
so i just go with the flow

the place maybe sounds a little nerdy
but trust me if u want to go on a date
still very nerdy
he actually wanted to study with his gf
but still as a very shy shy boy
i'm afraid i will be like tunggul
but then i actually x de kemaluan
sembanging with his gf like i have known her for years
till forgot about studying
so thanks my friend for giving me advice
how to make it less boring

then we went to play bowling
my suckest game ever
but during playing
a miracle happened
i scored a strike
i scream so hard
till all the peole looked at me
but what i cared
i get a strike
my first strike
for u maybe "oh it's just a strike"
but for me"STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!"
after finish playing
his gf had to go
so she left us
then we played a game called
PES 2010
and like always
i lose
but this time
with dignity
then we went to secret recipe
his sister was there
so she treated us to walnut brownies
how i longing for it
it just made my day

then we took a cab to go back home
and during this ride
i was pulled over
during a roadblock
he wanted to see my ic
do i looked like indon u stupid fcuk cop
the driver laughed so hard
even i too
but still
want to know la
do i look like indon
if yes please tell me

almost forgot to tell u about prank calls
very very funny
i called his friend
and i played the role as a representative
for MAS airlines
and told her that she won a monthly prize
for being a regular with MAS
and she believed me
i laughed my ass off
then i played as a representative for
Persatuan Pelajar Kuala Lumpur(just made it up)
and tell another one of his friend
that she was nominated
for the most excellent student in kl
she actually belive me
asking the details
when will it be
where will it be
i just can't help myself
so to those who was pranked by me
i sincerely apologises to u

like always
my karaoke song for this time is

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

review for alice in wonderland

just finish watching the movie
not to good or too sucks
good for those want to bring their children
but for friends to watch
i don't recommend it
it just for me too easily predicted
but to know more just watch it

there are a few characters that i like
the alice character for me is not well developed
mad hatter is great
but maybe i'm just saying that coz i'm a fan of johnny depp
this is like tim burton when loose with his imagination
it lacks humour but the graphic
is just amazing
the characters are cute
especially those bald twin
can't remember their name
but below are their pic

finish watching the movie
went to pizza hut and eat the pizza that kecik had been craving
chunky loaded if i'm not mistaken
very delicious but also cepat mengenyangkn
then go home and wento clinic
to treat my injured leg
but doctor said it just a minor bruises
cannot jog for 2 days
so that's all la
my karaoke song for this post is