Thursday, August 16, 2012

A friend in need is a friend indeed

It's been quite a while since i last posted here
i do know my blogging skills is a bit rusty
but nevertheless i'll try ny best to entertain
and give you something to think about

who doesn't need them?
let it be the alpha male or the non alpha female
friends is a must have item for everyone
how do you define a friend?
is a friend is purely someone who is great to be hang out with?
is a friend purely on someone who like giving us advice?
or maybe someone who thinks alike?
If you ask me
I would say that
friend is someone who knows how to react
who understands without knowing much
who can tag along without being asked
that is a friend

From the beginning of my life in Uitm
I wouldn't believe that I'm gonna find anyone as great as my old friend
someone like hazman
someone like miry
they are irreplaceable
yet things does intrigued me
for instance, amjad
he's quite a character
someone who is very funny yet very understanding
luke, the bald gangster from sarawak
someone whom everyone considers as a weirdo
but try talk to him for a change
you'll realised he isn't that bad
and of course an honourary mention
to Hannan
the Besut kid who always stole my clothes haha
yes there are those like azree and labu
but sorry you didn't quite make my list YET haha
none of them I consider as my best friend
yes they are my friends
just not the best
except for amjad of course

The best of friend I found here in Uitm
comes in the form of someone who laugh so hard
that when people hear it
their eyebrow rises and go like  "haa?"
Her name is
yes it's a She haha
Nur Afatin Rahmat Binti Sarif
At first sight, she do looks quite gedik and spoilt
but after lepaking with her
i realised she is totally different from that
she's quite funny
she knows how to take a joke
she can be the serious one
she can also be a bit nutty at times
her punch and slaps do got its own stings haha
but the greatest thing about her is
she understands me so well
there are things i know that when i told her it'll be safe
that it won't change anything
she knows how to carve a smile when i'm a bit down
and yes
she do takes care of me like for example
tutup mulut tu!
buat kerja lah!
siapa suruh makan!
and more haha
one more thing
she's quite slow haha

Afa and Lisa
both of you truly gives me reason to go to Intec
reason for me to keep on smiling
reason for me to keep on studying
Thank You Allah
for blessing me with such great friend like amjad and afa
i truly am grateful for them
I really really hope that nothing will change our friendship
because without you ladies and gentlemen
I am nothing
I really love you guys
I truly am