Friday, November 30, 2012

ada post baru lah hahahah

okay people
it's december
which means holiday is at its dying second
however i'm a bit glad that it's over
well at least i'm not going to be any fatter or i hope so haha
 so people shall we get back to a more serious matter? haha

okay i'm going to talk about
the feeling of despised itself
well everybody must taste this bitterness once if not everyday
but why?
why do we need to have this "despised" feeling?
why can't we be happy all the time?
why can't we just love others unconditionally?

for some people
it is essential as it helps us to become sane
for one person to be happy without any worries
as the saying goes
too many good things is bad
so that's why we need to own that "despised" feeling

as i view it
you despised those who done something wrong or just plain annoying
you despised something that is a nuisance to you
you also despised on the thing you can't accomplish
so those feeling of unaccomplishment (entah wujud ke idok perkataan ni)
turns into well despised of course haha

 So can we like minimised or even better overcome this feeling?
well the answer is yes
but how?
this is when acceptance come in
and i'm not talking about the 1 malaysia thingy okay haha
we need to accept what we have
we need to accept ourselves
we need to accept reality
and most importantly
we need to accept society

as we accept those entity
believe me
you can actually minimised the effects
no bonds gonna be broken
no hatred gonna be spread
no suicide
no homicide
no genocide
if we accept others

look at war if you don't believe me
bosnian genocides was based on revenge
civil war was based on difference of perspective
and even cyber bullying happen because of it

what i'm trying to say here is
we can't change others
but we can change ourselves
be what you are
accept who you are
if you are a javanese with a very strong accent of the javanese language
then be proud of it
if you are a fat boy with dark skins and wavy hair
then screw those who despised you and just flaunt it
we are who we are
change do not happen through forced or hatred
change happen through example
and with that i end this post with this
" irfan kacak gileeee kan?"