Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hoping with a sense of hopelessness

This is a post that i admit going to be a bit cheesy
so this a warning
be prepared for something that is super cheesy
and yes if you don't like this post
you may leave now by closing this page thank you
and yes i do intent to make this post
dedicate to my super duper crush

This is a story about a boy
who always hope for something that he wasn't supposed to hoped for
he hoped to be a lawyer
but it just wasn't to be
he hoped to be a psychologist
but he was let down with the criteria
then he had to choose something that he don't actually have the passion
nor interest
but it was one of his strong points
which is english
to be more precised
it's TESL.
His expectation,
finished this programme as great as he could
and tried to get a scholarship
so that he can show the world he is capable in being at par with the best

As he went through the programme
he managed to make some friends
and he grew closed towards 2 human of the opposite gender
this wasn't a new thing him
as past times have taught him to be not attached to girls
because he knew that it won't end up great
but he was ignorance towards himself
he taught that maybe, just maybe it wasn't going to be like that
then a tragedy strucks

He became really attached towards one of them
and he realised that he had fall for her
he knew this shouldn't happen
it is wrong
he tends to make it go away
but the feelings just came stronger and stronger
he just can't hide it anymore
so he told her about this
although she takes it quite well
but he knew it can't be the same anymore

He always tried to woo her
he always ask her what is his chance
he always tried so hard in making sure that nothing will changed
he do even tried to resolute towards backing off
but she won't let him to not hanging out with her
he do know that in reality
she won't fall for him
he don't want to hoped for anything anymore
he don't want to feel the heartache
to make things worst
she already have her own choice
a smart boy with an aspiring to be a doctor
who had received the scholarship to pursue his study in Russia
even if that boy keep on wasting his chance
the girl will still always keep on waiting on him.
The boy just kept on smiling
hoping with a sense of hopelessness
that maybe just maybe
in a crazy universe
she would give him the chance that he long for

The story above is a true occurence
and yes it's still happening
let just hope that everything would be alright for him
that maybe just once he could have the thing that he hoped for
it's not like he isn't trying or anything
and for YOU
know this
i would only trade this friendship for ours for only one thing
and I think you do know what it is right?