Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nasihat kalau nk tgk tron

jgn tgk 3d
that's the hard lesson that i gotta pay when i watch this movie
fuck u 3d effect
only like what
3 4 scene that is 3d?
and that cost me twice the price for 2d
ok now for the review of the movie
brought to you by ibc
"here at ibc,we only take the best from the rest"

hey,i'm ur movie critic,irfan "hardknocker"haziq
first of all,don't waste ur money on this movie
it is awesomely sucks
it's like u watching a modern day gladiator
only worse
sorry disney,but this ain't a good movie at all
the story isn't living up to my expectation
where's the gadget?
where's the awesome stuff?
coz all i see is the fast and the furious
only in high tec
the movie is lame
okok enough on the insults
now the good part
the lead guy
garret hedlund is really really handsome
and the actresses
need i say more about olivia wilde?
she looks awesome
but that's just it actually

gile sape ckp x lawa

the fight scene
it's like u watching a cheap action flick from the 70's
sorry to say
out of 5
it only receive 2
better luck next time tron
see u again next time on another movie which is not known yet

wise word from our movie critic
there u have it folks
it's up to u to believe him or not
but he's always right
okay saya akhiri post ini dgn serangkap pantun

pakcik kassim picit hon
sambil melihat movie 3d
kalau hendak tgk tron
jgnlah tgk yg 3d

Monday, September 6, 2010

Shopping,School and the other things

actually kinda lazy
but then y created a blog
so i took some times to update it
so shall we start

the thing that really2 great
coz u got to buy new things
suddenly even buying something u don't need
but we will never had enough on something rite
so on when
really x igt
but i went to melaka with hazman
to see my nenek
i bought my new shirt
really cheap
just rm 50
i want more actually
but then kene igt
my mum money not mine
so there in a famosa
i make a video with hazman
nnt ade kot kt fb
then on monday
grk sunway
this one i really like
i buy a new pair of shoes
a jeans
and a whole lot of other thing

ok now school
ambik repot kad
the end
mls gile nk update bnyk
x rajin lg

Saturday, June 19, 2010

pulang,marilah pulang

geylang si paku geylang
geylang si rama-rama
pulang marilah pulang marilah pulang

berikut merupakan sepotong lirik dr lagu klasik
that's the condition i'm in now
back to HELL
Oh sorry i mean sabda
the "greatest" place on earth
u can search it
but remember mcm rokok jugak
don't u try to enter it
or else u'll might regret it
but the truth it
nah........who am i kidding
what i'm saying/typing is the truth
it is like rokok-ing
that's the best example i can give lah kot
both are hazardous

enough about school
let me talk about fashion
and just to clarify
meskipun i love fashion
but i am not BAPUK
i repeat BAPUK
the reason i'm saying this is bcoz
i just bought 2 new shirt
mummy said am i bapuk or what
cause i like wearing pink
she said dh mcm org ghana
but she said that while laughing la
and also
i just got a haircut
i said to the hairstylist
do whatever u want
and guess what
i look like rempit
dh la sakit giler die potong
but rempit to me
is nice to my mum
she said i look decent
no more minanagkabau sideburn
no more sarang tebuan
but i love my sarang tebuan
but rice have turn into porridge
rempit pun rempit la
tp my face still la mcm budak baik that i am
nnt la
sape2 kt sabda
comment la my hair cut

and last but not least
kene ckp jugak la
toy story 3
i laughed,cried and suddenly remember all about my childhood memories
call me jiwang pun x kisah la
but it is
especially when the three eyed alien said about pizza planet
i really like having a flashback moment
i can't think when the last time la
pegi tgk wayang excited mcm tu sekali bile keluar dr wyg
smpai pergi cari dvd yg x ori blk tu sbb nk tgk lg
some of my childhood memories is with that movie
and also autumn in my heart la
dh dh dh
dh jauh melarat dr tajuk
so back to our main point here
go and watch the movie
it is worth every ringgit and sen kalau booking

so to conclude this last post
(entah bile lg nk post gy bru lps ni)
i present to you
my karaoke song with kecik
jgn mrh adam
no seriously jgn marah

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sabda and CO.

finally i get myself to rajin up to blog
it has been like 2 3 months since i last updated
so let me started with sabda

exam just ended
result of course la very bad
never really good at exam anyway
seeing those marks
at first i feel like i,m stupid
but then i realised
i'm not stupid
i just too lazy to read or learn
all of that will changed after this school holiday
(kononnye la)
so i thought of pindah-ing actually
but then i choose to stay
simply because of my friends and future la
friends like them cannot be found at pasar malam or tepi jalan
u can only found them here at sabda
boring school,great friends
they kinda like a neutralizer to make boring turn into fun
and then there's the teacher
i know that my handwritng is bad
but she said it like my handwriting is like a 4 years old
she even said this
"saya tak tau la macam mana kamu boleh masuk dlm sbp dgn tulisan mcm ni"
to the whole class
then she pointed me
but thank god she is a teacher
or else i don't know what would happen to her

enough about that school
IT HAD SO MAny stupidness
but balance by friends who can only be described as rockstar!!!!!!
my classmates are great except for a few of babi
no more trusting them after what happened
so as the haitham motto goes

it is rightly so except for them
but still not just me but almost all of my friends can't except the fact
that we had lose a band member
but she will be a member no matter if she there with us or not
so to top off my blog i present to my dorm anthem

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kawan and prank calls

Today is kinda great for me
it is not at all way i think it will be
so i would like to thanks my friend who give me advice at ym

I went out today
but to accompany my friend go on a date
at first,i don't want to
but then coz i owed him on something
so i just go with the flow

the place maybe sounds a little nerdy
but trust me if u want to go on a date
still very nerdy
he actually wanted to study with his gf
but still as a very shy shy boy
i'm afraid i will be like tunggul
but then i actually x de kemaluan
sembanging with his gf like i have known her for years
till forgot about studying
so thanks my friend for giving me advice
how to make it less boring

then we went to play bowling
my suckest game ever
but during playing
a miracle happened
i scored a strike
i scream so hard
till all the peole looked at me
but what i cared
i get a strike
my first strike
for u maybe "oh it's just a strike"
but for me"STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!"
after finish playing
his gf had to go
so she left us
then we played a game called
PES 2010
and like always
i lose
but this time
with dignity
then we went to secret recipe
his sister was there
so she treated us to walnut brownies
how i longing for it
it just made my day

then we took a cab to go back home
and during this ride
i was pulled over
during a roadblock
he wanted to see my ic
do i looked like indon u stupid fcuk cop
the driver laughed so hard
even i too
but still
want to know la
do i look like indon
if yes please tell me

almost forgot to tell u about prank calls
very very funny
i called his friend
and i played the role as a representative
for MAS airlines
and told her that she won a monthly prize
for being a regular with MAS
and she believed me
i laughed my ass off
then i played as a representative for
Persatuan Pelajar Kuala Lumpur(just made it up)
and tell another one of his friend
that she was nominated
for the most excellent student in kl
she actually belive me
asking the details
when will it be
where will it be
i just can't help myself
so to those who was pranked by me
i sincerely apologises to u

like always
my karaoke song for this time is

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

review for alice in wonderland

just finish watching the movie
not to good or too sucks
good for those want to bring their children
but for friends to watch
i don't recommend it
it just for me too easily predicted
but to know more just watch it

there are a few characters that i like
the alice character for me is not well developed
mad hatter is great
but maybe i'm just saying that coz i'm a fan of johnny depp
this is like tim burton when loose with his imagination
it lacks humour but the graphic
is just amazing
the characters are cute
especially those bald twin
can't remember their name
but below are their pic

finish watching the movie
went to pizza hut and eat the pizza that kecik had been craving
chunky loaded if i'm not mistaken
very delicious but also cepat mengenyangkn
then go home and wento clinic
to treat my injured leg
but doctor said it just a minor bruises
cannot jog for 2 days
so that's all la
my karaoke song for this post is

Friday, February 26, 2010


i just got back from sabda
and the exam is next week
but still i'm not worry
coz i know for sure i will fail my add math
not that teacher sux
but coz i just not feeling it

back about friends
my friend from smkam2 got an offer from sm sains alam shah
betapa terkejutnye die
me i'm not surprised
coz he is actually smart but like me
not the well mannered type

so now the chain is completed
all of my friends gotten into sbp if not teknik
so i'm lucky to get out of smkam2 too
not that i hate it
just not loving it

aah talking about school
i want to know something
do girls like to be called their look alike
for example
if you look like lisa surihani
eventhough you're name is not lisa
but still people called you lisa
wouldn't u hate it?
maybe i'm a guy
but with a two sister
i know they hate it
the reason i'm saying this is coz
my classmates
name __________
is being treated like that
i like her
but only as a friend
enough about that

one more thing
is it wrong to fall in love with a taken women
i think yes but still i'm one of them
called me hypocrite
but we can't control our emotion
the name just let it be secret

like always here is another one of my favourite karaoke song

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A day of shopping

sape x suke
dh lah dpt bersip
siap dpt bli barang2 yg menepati selera kite
duit tu lain hal

hari ni mmg teramat lah letih
mne x nye
merebtas desa kt sunway pyramid tu
selama 5 jam
sbb nk bli kemeja nk pkai utk prep
mmg letih tp berbaloi

ni ha kt sini nk promote satu kedai ni
kedai yg agak best
pada kadar yg berpatutan
kemeja dress dan yg sewajtu dgnnye semua ok2 la
kt situlah aq bli kemeja
harga RM **.90
cantik la
cukup lah tu
nk pkai pegi prep je

sblum bli baju tu
mmg penuh masalah
aq ni rupe2 nye memilih gak
hbs pelbagai kedai aq pegi
tp semua x menepati cita rasa
smpai kene mrh la ngan mak sbb meletihkn mak aq
tp yg penting the end result

mkn tengah hari aq kt tmpt yg dh prnh pegi
tp x prnh mkn kt dlm
mkn kt luar je
tmpt tu best la kalau pergi ngan kwn ke boyf/girlf ke
tp family aq x sarankan
nme kedai tu GASOLINE
makanan agakla sedap
harga pun ok lah
aq mmg tgh lapar kot waktu tu
so kalo kasi nasi ngan kicap pon jd sedap
dh settle mkn nk pegi tgk wayang

bru aq nk tgk citer percy jackson and the lightning thief tp x kesampaian
sbb ticket dh sold out
so blk je la trus

mase on the way blk tu
tibe2 ade rase nk sgt pegi karaoke
so kitorang pun pegila kt Quality Hotel
Tingkat 24
mmg teramat puasnye berkaraoke
tp sejam x cukupla

setelah selesai berkaraoke
kitorang pegilah tmpt kt seksyen 7 kot
name tmpt aq x tau
nk pegi sendiri kt situ
bnyk lampu2 cantik kt situ
igt nk singgah tp malas dan letih
so bwat drive by je la
mmg jam skit la tp mmg cantik
dan mcm aq slalu bwat
ni lagu yg aq slalu karaoke gak

Friday, February 19, 2010


blh jd racun dan blh jd madu

but mine,
the greatest you could ever ask
they sometimes can be really annoying but in a good way
but like always,when i just started to get along with them
i have to leave them
but it is adat rite
pertemuan n perpisahan of

speaking of leaving
i leave them coz of boarding school
mmg nak bkn terpaksa

enough of that
let me tell a for me lah
embarassing story

a day before registration
stay lah at this hotel
angsoka if i'm not mistaken
so nk dijadikn citer
a fellow future schoolmate pun stay kt hotel yg same
and let just say
i wasn't in the best condition when i saw her
mmg segan kot
but enough of that
aah that girl name is n******a a**a

that night
i went karaoke with my family
sing till midnight kot
melalak lalak but what the hell
enjoy skit kn

actually want to tell more but kinda lazy 2 taip2 ni
so next post la
(entah bile la tu)
and listen lah to this song
old but still great for karaoke
mmg puas la

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

baru nk start blajr

aq dh f4 bru nk start wat blog
nmpk sgt kuno aq ni
kpd yg terbuka atau nk bukak blog ni
bg la mase ye
mcm pantun tu

budak baru belajar kene kasi ajar dlu
tu je kot dlu
ni lyn la lagu ni