Saturday, June 19, 2010

pulang,marilah pulang

geylang si paku geylang
geylang si rama-rama
pulang marilah pulang marilah pulang

berikut merupakan sepotong lirik dr lagu klasik
that's the condition i'm in now
back to HELL
Oh sorry i mean sabda
the "greatest" place on earth
u can search it
but remember mcm rokok jugak
don't u try to enter it
or else u'll might regret it
but the truth it
nah........who am i kidding
what i'm saying/typing is the truth
it is like rokok-ing
that's the best example i can give lah kot
both are hazardous

enough about school
let me talk about fashion
and just to clarify
meskipun i love fashion
but i am not BAPUK
i repeat BAPUK
the reason i'm saying this is bcoz
i just bought 2 new shirt
mummy said am i bapuk or what
cause i like wearing pink
she said dh mcm org ghana
but she said that while laughing la
and also
i just got a haircut
i said to the hairstylist
do whatever u want
and guess what
i look like rempit
dh la sakit giler die potong
but rempit to me
is nice to my mum
she said i look decent
no more minanagkabau sideburn
no more sarang tebuan
but i love my sarang tebuan
but rice have turn into porridge
rempit pun rempit la
tp my face still la mcm budak baik that i am
nnt la
sape2 kt sabda
comment la my hair cut

and last but not least
kene ckp jugak la
toy story 3
i laughed,cried and suddenly remember all about my childhood memories
call me jiwang pun x kisah la
but it is
especially when the three eyed alien said about pizza planet
i really like having a flashback moment
i can't think when the last time la
pegi tgk wayang excited mcm tu sekali bile keluar dr wyg
smpai pergi cari dvd yg x ori blk tu sbb nk tgk lg
some of my childhood memories is with that movie
and also autumn in my heart la
dh dh dh
dh jauh melarat dr tajuk
so back to our main point here
go and watch the movie
it is worth every ringgit and sen kalau booking

so to conclude this last post
(entah bile lg nk post gy bru lps ni)
i present to you
my karaoke song with kecik
jgn mrh adam
no seriously jgn marah

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  1. "back to HELL
    Oh sorry i mean sabda
    the "greatest" place on earth"

    bhahha x) 100% true :)