Monday, September 6, 2010

Shopping,School and the other things

actually kinda lazy
but then y created a blog
so i took some times to update it
so shall we start

the thing that really2 great
coz u got to buy new things
suddenly even buying something u don't need
but we will never had enough on something rite
so on when
really x igt
but i went to melaka with hazman
to see my nenek
i bought my new shirt
really cheap
just rm 50
i want more actually
but then kene igt
my mum money not mine
so there in a famosa
i make a video with hazman
nnt ade kot kt fb
then on monday
grk sunway
this one i really like
i buy a new pair of shoes
a jeans
and a whole lot of other thing

ok now school
ambik repot kad
the end
mls gile nk update bnyk
x rajin lg