Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sabda and CO.

finally i get myself to rajin up to blog
it has been like 2 3 months since i last updated
so let me started with sabda

exam just ended
result of course la very bad
never really good at exam anyway
seeing those marks
at first i feel like i,m stupid
but then i realised
i'm not stupid
i just too lazy to read or learn
all of that will changed after this school holiday
(kononnye la)
so i thought of pindah-ing actually
but then i choose to stay
simply because of my friends and future la
friends like them cannot be found at pasar malam or tepi jalan
u can only found them here at sabda
boring school,great friends
they kinda like a neutralizer to make boring turn into fun
and then there's the teacher
i know that my handwritng is bad
but she said it like my handwriting is like a 4 years old
she even said this
"saya tak tau la macam mana kamu boleh masuk dlm sbp dgn tulisan mcm ni"
to the whole class
then she pointed me
but thank god she is a teacher
or else i don't know what would happen to her

enough about that school
IT HAD SO MAny stupidness
but balance by friends who can only be described as rockstar!!!!!!
my classmates are great except for a few of babi
no more trusting them after what happened
so as the haitham motto goes

it is rightly so except for them
but still not just me but almost all of my friends can't except the fact
that we had lose a band member
but she will be a member no matter if she there with us or not
so to top off my blog i present to my dorm anthem

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