Friday, February 19, 2010


blh jd racun dan blh jd madu

but mine,
the greatest you could ever ask
they sometimes can be really annoying but in a good way
but like always,when i just started to get along with them
i have to leave them
but it is adat rite
pertemuan n perpisahan of

speaking of leaving
i leave them coz of boarding school
mmg nak bkn terpaksa

enough of that
let me tell a for me lah
embarassing story

a day before registration
stay lah at this hotel
angsoka if i'm not mistaken
so nk dijadikn citer
a fellow future schoolmate pun stay kt hotel yg same
and let just say
i wasn't in the best condition when i saw her
mmg segan kot
but enough of that
aah that girl name is n******a a**a

that night
i went karaoke with my family
sing till midnight kot
melalak lalak but what the hell
enjoy skit kn

actually want to tell more but kinda lazy 2 taip2 ni
so next post la
(entah bile la tu)
and listen lah to this song
old but still great for karaoke
mmg puas la

1 comment:

  1. haha. ouh i know who's n****** a*** BAHAHA.

    patotlah hari tu ko ade tnye, knal x n****** a*** ;D