Friday, February 26, 2010


i just got back from sabda
and the exam is next week
but still i'm not worry
coz i know for sure i will fail my add math
not that teacher sux
but coz i just not feeling it

back about friends
my friend from smkam2 got an offer from sm sains alam shah
betapa terkejutnye die
me i'm not surprised
coz he is actually smart but like me
not the well mannered type

so now the chain is completed
all of my friends gotten into sbp if not teknik
so i'm lucky to get out of smkam2 too
not that i hate it
just not loving it

aah talking about school
i want to know something
do girls like to be called their look alike
for example
if you look like lisa surihani
eventhough you're name is not lisa
but still people called you lisa
wouldn't u hate it?
maybe i'm a guy
but with a two sister
i know they hate it
the reason i'm saying this is coz
my classmates
name __________
is being treated like that
i like her
but only as a friend
enough about that

one more thing
is it wrong to fall in love with a taken women
i think yes but still i'm one of them
called me hypocrite
but we can't control our emotion
the name just let it be secret

like always here is another one of my favourite karaoke song

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    guess i know who