Monday, March 26, 2012

why i hate reminiscing

okay it's been a while since my last post
so this post is just for those who miss to read my blog haha
okay shall we start

i hate it so much
because it brings back memories
it brinngs back regrets
it brings back greatness
which you always know that you can't have them back
okay like tadi i went through a friend's old album at facebook
i laughed when i look back at them
i regret for not being good enough to them
i regret that some of them are not close to me as i used to
even some has become enemies
but the worst part of it is
i miss that moment so so so much

the album i'm talking about is memories of 2010 on kecik's fb
it really brings back memories that i had forget
i actually laughed sorang2 kot when looking back at those picture
then i stopped watching
bukan dah bosan
but i suddenly think of what happen in 2011
mcm2 benda kot dh berubah
let me highlights a few of them
me and kecik are not closed friend anymore
yes we are friends but just not that close
miry and me well tu tak berubah kot
cuma in 2011 me and him kurang skit kerapatan maybe sbb lain kelas kot
hazman and me
we are still close even until now and itu tak berubah since 2010 kot haha
me and adam bertambah rapat in 2011 tp in 2010 tnyalah adam macam mana haha
i grow to closer to strangers in 2011
but those who i used to be close in 2010
some of them become strangers
and even one become enemy for a while haha

so the conclusion here is
stop reminiscing of the past
all of it is just memories
you can't get them back
that best friend you lost because of a silly picture
that best friend who you used to sleep together with
that best friend who you used to hate
all of that are memories which you can never get it back
i regret a lot of things
my biggest regret is i think kecik knows what
tapi benda dah jadi
kalau asyik nak pandang belakang
depan kau nak campak mana?
okay enough for me now
ini memang luahan hati actually
and i will give everything that i have
to maintain what i have in 2010
the relationship
the fun
all about 2010 lah senang cakap
and still have it now in 2012

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