Monday, October 22, 2012

the real problem

hello hello
been a while since my last update
it won't be quite fun
but hey just give it a read
you might just like it

the most common doing of all humans
i believe that every human had their fair share of mistakes
and i'm not excluded from it
some might have choose the wrong decision
some might have say the wrong thing
some might have cross the boundary
but hey it's a common thing
so don't be too beat off about it

Well if it such a common things
why do we still get down when a mistakes occured?
why do we feel guilty or scared?
why do we care?
the answer here is
it comes back to your conscience
it comes back to your mind

Mistakes are supposed to be there to be learnt
not to be repeat
mistakes are there for you to know the effects
not mourn about it
mistakes are there to show that you are human
that doesn't make mistake an acceptable thing

But why do the same mistake is repeated and repeated again?
aren't we supposed to learn from it?
wasn't it supposed to be a one shot deal?
this is the question that we asked ourselves
those questions are left unanswered
and the same thing kept repeating all over again
like for example
the nerdy kid who always get bullied
the marks you get on your examination
the rejection that you had to face
for that time you'll be singing to the tune of regretness
but they aren't lasting on your actions

The real problem
is not the mistake
is not the decision
the real problem here is
your action after those incidents
the action you take to improve
the action you take to show that you had learnt
which always resulted to the same occurence
which is nothing
we let everything slipped because it is in our nature to forget
we let everything slipped because we tend to be neglectful
we cried again and again when the same mistakes happened
we regret again and again when we taste the same dirt
we talk about what could have and should have
yet with all talk and no action
it's like praying without any efforts

so what are the solution?
i'm not going to give you one
i'm no angel who knows everything
i can't tell you this and that
but believe me
with every obstacles
there is always a way through
it is in our head
god doesn't give you the ability to think for nothing
He knows what is your capability
He won't give you something that you're not capable of overcoming it
He knows what best for you
with a bit of do'a and efforts
those mistakes can be avoided
don't sleep
don't regret
change it
you are capable of doing it

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